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Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Amazing Portable Audio Anywhere

Are you looking to add great sounding audio to your backyard pool area but not sure what kind of system to install? Why spend thousands on a wired outdoor speaker system that only sends music to certain areas of the yard, when a single speaker can fill your whole outdoor space with crystal clear 360 audio??

At Precision Pool in Amesbury MA we are constantly seeking products that enhance the backyard experience that is why we now carry the full line of Outcast portable outdoor speaker systems.

Why Choose Outcast?

  • Lightweight portable speaker that you can bring anywhere in the yard
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life to keep the party going!
  • Complete weather proof and water resistant, even play it in the rain
  • 360 degree omni-directional sound helps fill the space with music so it sounds great wherever you are
  • Play music from your phone using bluetooth are from your computer or indoor stereo system with the wireless transmitter
  • Outcast speakers have one numerous awards and are recognized as one of the best sound bluetooth speakers on the market!



Outcast Bluetooth/Wireless

Outcast Bluetooth/Wireless 8″ sub $899


Outcast Speakers Available in Our Amesbury Store

We always stock the Melody bluetooth speaker and the Outcast Jr. with the 6″ sub-woofer at our store on route 110 in Amesbury Massachusetts. The full size Outcast with the 8″ sub-woofer is now on display in the showroom as well.

The smaller Melody speaker is our most popular as it is super portable and still has big sound, great if you are looking for something to take to the beach, camping or tailgate.

While the Outcast and Outcast Jr’s are still very light and easy to transport these units are best for family’s who entertain in their back yard and want to power of active bass sub-woofers that will truly fill your whole backyard with sound.

Visit our store and we will crank the volume so you can hear just how good these speakers sound and see how solid they are designed. If you have any questions about these units please call us at 978-388-2585