But We Have A Lot More Than Just Pool Supplies!

Precision Pool Construction‘s retail location at 83 Haverhill Rd. Amesbury, MA, 01913 is your spot for swimming pool chemicals and supplies. Whether it’s pool chemicals or pool toys you are looking for- Precision Pool is the place to go. In addition to premium pool chemicals, maintenance accessories, and other fun backyard products, we offer pool and spa water analysis right at the store.

Precision is run by experienced pool professionals and that’s what separates us from the big box stores and other pool supply stores in Massachusetts. When you come to the store you will be talking to Jay Broyer the retail manager at Precision Pool. Jay has 12 years experience in the pool and spa industry and is CPO certified by the National Pool and Spa Foundation. Whatever questions you have regarding your in-ground pool, above ground pool, or hot tub Precision has the knowledge and experience to help.

A Backyard Showroom In The Making!

The Wish Tuscan Sun shell and Mocha cabinet

Every year we try to expand upon just being another pool store where you get only your necessary pool items and more of a summertime backyard showroom. In 2013 we hope to bring that to you even more with a couple of great products to help bring luxury and fun to your home this season.

New Spas

We are pleased to be your new home for Marquis Spas ,one of the top hot tub manufactures in the world since 1980. We will have a full showroom of sleek 2013 models in stock for you to browse or even wet test if you like. For more information on our new venture as Massachusetts newest Marquis Spa dealer head on over to our hot tub section here.

Expanded Grill Section

Big Green Egg display

We love the Big Green Egg Smoker & Grill, and so do our customers and 2012 was a great year for these amazing outdoor cookers at Precision Pool. In 2013 we are taking it to another level with a widely expanded Green Egg accessories section and even more grill on display. We will also be hosted more grilling events on top of regular Saturday Egg demo days.

Check out our Big Green Egg section here

Pool Chemicals We Carry

We offer a chemical program to fit your pool and your families usage. Not all chlorine products are created equal and not everyone can use chlorine. The difference here is we can guide you to what product fits your pool and your budget.

Sustain Pool Care System

Sustain Pool Chemicals Amesbury MA

The Sustain chemical system is our main chlorine based pool care product. What we like about this system is its ease of use. The product is calibrated to the size of your pool, and we can instruct you on its use in about 5 minutes. When you get home this 2 tablet system will take home it takes about 10 minutes 1x a week to refill and you are on your way. The way Sustain is forumlated it keeps your pools acid/base levels stable, meaning you will spend less time and money trying to keep your water balanced throughout the summer.

Revacil Chlorine Free Baquacil Alternative

While we stand by chlorine as the best sanitizing agent for pool’s and spas, some people’s sensitivity to the chemical can cause them to search for an alternative. For that reason we carry Revacil, a generic peroxide base sanitizer. Modeled after the popular Baquacil prodcuct this sanitizer is not nearly as harsh as chlorine, and leaves the water with a softer feel. We have found on pools that do not have a lot of vegatation, get moderate to heavy use, and run at least 12 hours a day it can work fine. However, for larger pools, with lots of trees and shrubs around the pool it can have a hard time keeping algae at bay.

Salt Water Systems

Hayward DIY Salt and Swim System

DIY salt generator

For those wanting to forgo external chlorine use we do sell and install salt water chlorine generators. The common myth is that this makes you pool chlorine free, but that is quite the opposite. The generator turns the salt in your pool int chlorine. We always have pallets of salt in stock at our Amesbury store at affordable pricing.

In addition to the main line chemicals above our store carries a full line up of pool accessory chemicals such as algaecide, metal magnet, filter cleaner, ph and alkalinity adjusters, phosphate removers and more. There is a lot that goes into pool water chemistry, that is why the professional help and advice you get at Precision Pool is invaluable.