Pool Openings North Shore MA and NH

At Precision Pool we open hundreds of pools every spring for pool owners all over the North Shore, Merrimack Valley and Seacoast NH. We offer 3 types of of pool openings depending on your pool type and budget. If we have not opened your pool before please be sure to let us know of any extra pool features such as an attached spa, water features, additional pool equipment, in-floor cleaning systems. pool automation, ect. Some of these items do come with additional costs and it is best if we know beforehand so we have the right equipment on hand and there are no surprise costs for you.


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Please be aware that we group openings by geography. Enter a date for the week you would like to be opened and we will call and let you know the exact date we can open your pool.

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Opening Pool Cleanings

Cleaning and vacuuming the pool is not included in the pool opening. Most often a pool is not ready to be vac’d right when it is open as it needs a day or two to clear up. You do not want to start vacuuming a pool when it is cloudy, green, and you can’t see the bottom. For one, you do not know what is at the bottom of the pool and what you may suck up, two you will be stirring up all the debris which will prevent the pool from clearing.

If you would like to schedule an opening vac with your pool opening just let us know and we will book it 2-3 days after your pool is opened. Our one time pool cleaning rate is $150/hour and $50 every 30 mins after that.. Some pools which need a thorough and drastic cleaning will be quoted on a per job basis. One of our techs will inspect the pool and give you a flat rate for getting the pool clear. This saves you money and time as we can not always know for sure how much work a pool will need to get from green swamp to crystal clear swimmable.