Pool Closing Options and Prices

Servicing North Shore MA and Southern NH Swimming Pools

Winterizing an in-ground pool properly is one of the most important services we offer at Precision Pool. In the harsh Massachusetts winters things freeze solid, including your pool. It is important that all your plumbing lines are properly blown out, capped, and anti freeze'd in order to prevent costly damage to your pool. We always tell our customers if you are going to hire a pool company to do one thing for you all year, make it your pool closing. It is the most critical procedure for insuring the integrity of your swimming pool!

At Precision Pool we winterize hundred of pools a year in North Shore Massachusetts, The Merrimac Valley, and Seacoast NH. We have the experience necessary to make sure your pool is back and ready for swimming come spring time. Review our pool closing options below schedule your closing online.

No Cover Closing:


  • Winterize all pool lines
  • Drain and winterize pump and filter
  • Clean DE and cartridge filter media
  • Remove ladders and handrails
  • Add closing chemicals if needed*


Safety Cover Closing:


  • Put on winter safety cover (loop-loc style)
  • Winterize all pool lines
  • Clean DE and cartridge filter media
  • Drain and winterize pump and filter
  • Remove ladders and handrails
  • Add closing chemicals if needed*


Full Cover Closing:


  • Put on tarp style solid cover w/ water tubes
  • Winterizing all underground lines
  • Drain and winterize pump and filter
  • Clean DE and cartridge filter media
  • Removal of ladders and handrails
  • Add closing chemicals if needed*

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Pool Closing Chemical Prices & Details

All Additional Pool Chemicals are Optional but highly recommended. If you are providing your own chemicals and anti-freeze, please let us know when you book your closing.

  • Winter Chemicals Kit Includes: Liquid Shock and Algaecide - $44.99
  • Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze: $4.99/gallon (2 used on most pools, pools with in floor cleaning systems use 3 gallons)

Closing chemicals and anti-freeze are not included in the above price and are an optional add on.

Closing supplies such as: skimmer gizzmos, plugs, and new safety cover anchors will be replaced as needed and billed out.

Extra Charges That May Apply

There is a $50 additional charge for any of the following additional pool systems:
 in-floor cleaning systems, waterfalls ($25), fountains, spill over spas, and extra pool equipment (multiple pumps, air blowers, ect.), flooded systems (pool equipment is below the level of the pool), and pumping down gunite pools. Please contact us for details on these items: 978-834-5436.

Gunite Pools: Pool must be drained at least 12" below the tile line prior to closing. This is to keep the water from freezing on the tile and cracking. Draining the pool is not included in the price of the closing. If you would like us to set up a submersible pump to drain the water we can do so for $50.