Complete the Perfect Pool With The Perfect Liner

Or Revamp an Older Pool With a Fresh Facelift!

Browse the 2016 Liner Pattern Brochure Below

Whether your installing a new vinyl liner in-ground pool or replacing your pools existing liner, choosing the right liner pattern is important. You want to choose something the adds style to your pool but also blends in nicely to the rest of your pool area, especially if you have a nice paver or exposed aggregate deck around your pool.

Give Your Pool a Fresh New Look

Every year we transform dozens of old vinyl liner pools around the North Shore and Seacoast NH to look like new with a brand new vinyl liner replacement. In the images shown here we took a faded green liner probably 20+ years old and added a slick black granite liner, a new pattern in 2012 that we were very excited about. As liner patterns get more natural this simple pool renovation can make a huge difference in your backyard.

inground liner replacements ma and nh

Liners Installed With Care

We’ve been installing liners for over 20 years and know what it takes to get a perfect fit, and a long life from a new vinyl liner or replacement. It all starts with the perfect measurement. After your initial call we will quote your replacement job based on the length and width dimensions of the pool, sometimes custom shapes can not be quoted until after a measurement. Once you have the quote we swing by the house and do a true A to B measurement of all key points of the pool. We get all the depths, slopes, and stairs perfect before we turn in our drawing to Pacific Pools.

New black liner

After removing your old liner we inspect the pool base for imperfections and patch up whatever we can. In some cases the pool base can be severely damaged due to high ground water and may require a complete reskim. While basic patching is included in the base liner quote, a complete bottom repair is extra, and we will be sure to point out the problems and give you an exact cost to fix on the spot.

Another point of inspection are the steel pool walls. After many years build up from scale or corrosion can create contact points that may harm a new liner. We make sure to scrape down and smooth out any build up on the steel, and if needed we will recommend adding 1/4″ foam around the walls to protect the liner, usually about a $200-$300 cost.

Once the liner is installed your replacement also includes brand new face-plates for your skimmers, main drains, and return jets. With some of the new natural tan or black granite liners you may request an upgrade to matching colored face-plates to give your pool a seamless look.

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