Marquis Spirit 3 Person Spa

Could Be The Most Beautiful Spas In The World

When Marquis set out to design their flagship signature series spas their goal was to wow the hot tub buyer with a sleek, creative and functional design that rivals the finest furniture found in your home. It wasn’t enough to make just another square box with 50 jets and some LED lights…no these tubs had to captivate their audience. Half of the hot tubs in the signature line feature exclusive lines and shapes that can only be found in a Marquis Spa.

Expert Craftsmanship

  • Exclusive Durawood exterior
  • Completely Sealed ABS Base
  • Full foam insulation
  • HK40 40gpm HOT ZONE jets

…all standard


Ultimate Therapy


When buying a hot tub we are choosing to indulge in a little luxury for our home, but a great spa needs to do more than just wine & dine! A great hot tub needs to sooth, de-stress, revitalize, and rejuvenate. Marquis has done just that, because with every model they design and build, hydrotherapy comes first, the glitz and glam comes later.


Control The Hot Zone Massage

Each and every model in the Signature line presents the user with a therapeutic experience, with some of the best massage jets in the industry. The ergonomically designed seating hugs you and holds your body right where it needs to in order to maximize the effects of their patented Hot-Zone and Hot-Seat jet areas. All jets are individually adjustable or can be controlled by their exclusive 3 way Tri-Zone directional valve, so you control which seats get the most power, and how much.


Spas With MicroSilk Skin Treatment



Marquis Spas HyrdoTherapy


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Is It Time To Find Your Oasis?

With the 10 different models above Marquis offers a size and layout to fit your needs, there is no need to settle. If there is ever a model that you want which we do not have in stock we can special order it and have it to you within 3 weeks! Fresh and new right off the production line. We urge you to come down and see the models we have on display, and maybe even schedule a wet test, if you so choose. We always have at least 1, and sometimes 2 spas running in the store but we can have any instock spa ready to soak in 48 hours, just give us a call.