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Discover The Best Swim In Place System On The Planet @ Precision Pool Amesbury, MA

​Swim year round, outdoors in New England?!

Sounds crazy but now you can with the Endless Pool Fitness Systems available at Precision Pool in Amesbury.

But this is not your fathers Endless Pool.  Completely redesigned vessel by Watkins manufacturing, a global leader in hot tub manufacturing and the BMW Design Center. You can now get the perfect swim and a beautiful backyard centerpiece.

Endless Pools created the swim in place industry with their swim machine current system way back in 1988. Their patented design that replicates an open water swim has yet to be matched in the industry. It's no wonder over 20,000 swimmers have enjoyed the ultimate swim experience over the last 30 years, including elite athletes and the everyday weekend warrior.

Which Endless Pool Experience Is Right For You?

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Endless Fitness System With Swim Machine
Endless Swimcross Exercise System With Resistance Jets

What is the Endless Difference?

Swim Machine

Endless Swim Machine


Underwater Treadmill MA and NH


Come ​See Our Endless Pool Displays in Amesbury

​We have both an E700 Fitness System with treadmill AND and x500 jetted system ​ at our showroom.

 We think once you ​see an Endless Pool swim spa in person ​it will be clear what makes them the best swim in place experience on the market. Use the form below to ​get pricing and more details about how to add an Endless Pool to your home,