A pool or hot tub...or both?

Can you image stepping out of your house for a morning swim in December? Well if you are a New Englander probably not.

But with the advent of swim spas becoming a mainstream addition to backyards nationwide, now that winter morning swim is more plausible.

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Most people associate swim spas with hot tubs, mainly because most swim spas are made by hot tub manufacturers and promoted alongside them. In reality though they are more like small lap pools built for swim fitness enthusiast and people who want to put in a pool but might not have the space.

Swim spas range from 14’ long to about 19’ long and average anywhere from 6’ – 8’ in width, and as they are primarily delivered by crane, they can fit into some pretty tight yards. The other nice thing is they do not require the preparation of digging up your yard, all it needs is a level cement pad.

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Where they are similar to hot tubs is in their design and construction. These endless lap pools are self-contained units, meaning all the pumps, filters and heating units are contained within the structure. This means there is no plumbing or extra equipment needed once they are put in place, just wire it up with a 240v 50amp electrical hookup, fill it up, and you are good to swim.

And swim you can!

While you are free to splash around or hang in your float with a fruity cocktail (I’m not judging ) ….swim spas are built with fitness and therapy in mind.

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At the end of each swim spa is a powerful cluster of swim jets that can produce varying degrees of flow in order to produce a swim current. This is where the term endless pool comes from. With the powerful current jets pushing at you you can freestyle, backstroke or butterfly to your hearts content….you aren’t going to go anywhere.

The best way to describe a these hydrotherapy beasts is like an aquatic treadmill.

“I like swimming but I’d also love a hot tub!” –

Well you can have your cake and eat it too!

Marquis swim spa therapy seats

Because they are built primarily by hot tub manufacturers most swim spas have hot tub seating built into them on the end opposite the swim jets. This way you can get your workout in with a 15 minute swim then get a soothing muscle massage from the hydrotherapy jets in the hot tub seats.

Swim spas are heated and insulated like hot tubs as well and are built for year round outdoor use. While most people don’t crank them up to 102 degrees like a hot tub, you can if you like. With a high grade 2# density foam insulated cover, as well as full foam insulation the operating costs of your hot tub will be less than you think. Just think how cool it would be to go out on a February morning and swim under a snow fall?

Now a swim spa is not for everybody but it could be for you if……..

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  • You are a swimming and fitness enthusiasts who would rather skip the gym pool and train at home
  • You have joint or mobility issues that could be treated with regular aquatic therapy
  • You would love to have a pool but your yard is too small, or have lots of ledge
  • You want a pool but want to be able to swim year round
  • Would love to have an indoor pool – swim spas are great for indoor pool setups
  • You want the benefits of a pool and hot tub in 1

KONA ATV spa Massachusetts

17' Kona Marquis Spas ATV available at Precision Pool Amesbury, MA

At Precision Pool in Amesbury MA we now carry the Marquis Spas ATV swim spa and will be displaying the 17’ Kona high performance model at our store starting May 2016.

To learn more about the Marquis ATV’s click here: Marquis Swim Spas Amesbury MA

April 6, 2016
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