Utopia Luxury Hot Tub Models

The Cantabria

Caldera Cantabria MA NH
  • Seats 8 People
  • Measures 9' x 7' 7" 38.5" high
  • 74 hydrotherapy jets

The Geneva

caldera geneva Massachusetts
  • Seats 6 People
  • Measures 7' 5" x 7' 5"  38.5" high
  • 55 hydrotherapy jets

The Niagara

Caldera Niagara  NH
  • Seats 7 People
  • Measures 7' 5" x 7' 5"  38.5" high
  • 52 hydrotherapy jets

The Tahitian

  • Seats 6 people
  • Measures 7' x 7'   36" high
  • 46 hydrotherapy jets

Modern Hot Tub Design Features

Designed for comfort

Utopia provides unmatched comfort, deep seats, pulled out corners to maximize space.

comfortable hot tub seating

Comfort headrests at every seat.

Hidden filter system with decorative grate.

Intuitive Controls

You won't find an easier use control panel than Caldera's exclusive touch pad.

Beautiful tough as nails Avante cabinet


Redesigned with help from the BMW design group, the new 2016 Utopia spas are part therapy system and part backyard art. The combination of comfort, performance and style really shines through on this luxury hot tub line.

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A new level of hot tub luxury

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