paradise hot tubs by caldera

Caldera Paradise Series Hot Tubs

The Paradise series consists of 4 models of versatile seating layouts that offer premium hydrotherapy massage, with practical functionality. Paradise gives you premium fit and finish at a mid level price point, which helps make the Paradise Martinique model a repeat Consumer Digests Best Buy.

Find the model that best fits your family below and you are one step closer to discovering your very own outdoor paradise.

Paradise Spa Models


  • Seats 7 People
  • Measures 7' x 7' and 36" high
  • 38 hydrotherapy jets


  • Seats 6 People
  • Measures 7' x 7' and 36" high
  • 43 hydrotherapy jets


Caldera Makena Paradise Series MA
  • Seats 6 People
  • Measures 7' 5" x 7' 5" and 36" high
  • 46 hydrotherapy jets


Salina Hot Tub Caldera Spas NH and MA
  • Seats 7 People
  • Measures 7' 5" x 7' 5" and 36" high
  • 40 hydrotherapy jets


The Martinique hot tub MA
  • Seats 5 People
  • Measures 7' 5" x 6' 4" and 34" high
  • 34 hydrotherapy jets


Caldera Kauai Spa MA NH
  • Seats 3 People
  • Measures 7'x 5' 5" and 29.5" high
  • 31 hydrotherapy jets

Paradise Hot Tub Features

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy

90% of the time there is just 1 or 2 people using a hot tub. But that does not mean you should only buy 2 person spas. In all Caldera hot tubs each seat is carefully designed to treat different muscle groups and pressure points. We call this hot tub circuit therapy. Learn more in the video >

Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly

All Caldera hot tubs are fully insulated with the new revolutionary Fibercor insulation. Unlike petroleum based spray foam insulation, Fibercor is made of recycled wool, a much more sustainable product. It also offers 4 times the density of spray foam insulation so your spa keeps its temp without cranking up your energy bill, 

fibercor insulation

Pure Water Clarity with Spa Frog

The biggest hesitation people have when they want to purchase a hot tub revolves around the maintenance. At Precision Pool in Amesbury MA we offer 2 great lines in Caldera and Marquis, both are 1 of only 3 manufacturers that utilize the Spa Frog in-line purification system. Using silver and zinc minerals along with low doses of chlorine or bromine, your entire sanitation system is built into the hot tub plumbing. So no floating chemical dispenser or handling of the chlorine is ever needed.

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Kauai 2 person hot tub NH

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