The Big Green Egg – Amesbury MA

Truly the worlds best smoker and grill

Chances are you know someone who owns a Big Green Egg Smoker, and if you do, you have probably heard about their famous Thanksgiving turkey, or their “award winning” baby back ribs. There’s a reason The Big Green Egg calls themselves the “Worlds Best Smoker and Grill”- Its because it is!  Being a Big Green Egg owner is like being part of a special cult- a cult made up of people who love food. Since 1974 the makers of the Egg of been supplying part time foodies and grill masters alike the highest degree of precision grilling and smoking available.

There is an Egg To Fit Every Family’s Grilling Needs


Bring The Mini Camping and Plant The X-Large In The Outdoor Kitchen

The Big Green Egg is already one of the most versatile outdoor cookers on the market, but then you add the variety of sizes and you have a grill and smoker that is perfect for any location or occasion. The principal design of the Egg is based on an ancient clay cooker that was called the “Kamado”. Obviously clay would be too fragile for a grill in this day and age so Big Green Egg makes all their grills from solid ceramic.

How will you use The Egg?

A Charcoal Grill?

Ya, it can do that. Sear steaks at high temps, load up on your standard BBQ backyard favorites. Enjoy the perfect burger, hot dog, or sausage. The two vent system on the big green egg allows you to get to temperature fast and easy, as high as 750 degrees. Grilling lower temp foods? The dampers help you accurately bring the temp down for fish or chicken.

large big green egg with table

Baking Oven?

Yup, got you covered there. All you need is the optional plate setter for a perfect indirect heat over perfect for pizza, bread, baked beans, and more. Because of the solid ceramic construction the egg retains heat and moisture so well no food ever dries out. We have customers who use the Egg for almost all their cooking as the kitchen oven just can’t compare.

Smoked Foods Your Thing?

Here is where the Egg truly shines! If you like smoked foods you will fall head over heals in love with the accuracy of the temperature control on the egg. Slow smoke pork, ribs, and ham at 200 – 350 degrees with precision. Add your favorite, apple, maple, or hickory smoking chunks to get that aroma and flavor you can only get from a properly smoked meat.

BGE Grill, Smoker, Oven Massachusetts

We Always Have the Large and Medium In Stock!

We will always have the xlarge, large and medium Eggs available in the shop, for other sizes and accessories our distribution warehouse is local and most items can be in within 2 business days.

For pricing and availability please call 978-388-2585 or email [email protected]

Pizza on he Big Green Egg

Once you get a taste of a hot of the grill steak tip, or slow smoked pork shoulder you won’t want to cook on any other appliance. We have had customers who bought an Egg from us and a few months later come in and bought a second one!

We love when our Big Green Egg customers come in and talk about the latest recipe they tried, or what they plan to experiment with next. Cooking on the Egg is truly an experience that’s why a few times during the spring and summer with hold a Big Green Egg demo cookout. We set up our tent in the parking lot, fire up our grill and start cooking at 9am and go all day serving customers fresh steak, chicken, or standard BBQ fare.

Already have a Big Green Egg?

If you already have the pleasure of owning a Big Green Egg Smoker and Grill we have all the supplies you need for a great BBQ. We always have bags of the awesome Big Green Egg 100% natural lump charcoal, fire starters to light the grill and plenty of flavor choices. We stock all the top natural flavored smoking chips from app, mesquite, hickory, and customer favorite Jack Daniels.