The Optimum - [New*] Eternity Wall Above Ground Pool

solid struction above ground pool MA

Are you looking for an above ground pool that will last a lifetime of New England weather?

Looking for a lifetime lasting solid structure above ground pool for your backyard? At Precision Pool in Amesbury, MA we are excited to introduce the Optimum a solid insulated panel based above ground and semi-inground pool system, a true step above your traditional rolled steel wall and frame pools.

The ease of installation of an above ground with the strength and durability of an in-ground pool. Optimum pools come as 2" thick insulated wall panels to give it an unmatched structural integrity. Including strength, the closed cell foam core provides an R-10 insulation value which will keep the pool water 5-10 degrees warmer than traditional rolled wall pools.

The Optimum Pool Experience

  • Warmer, more comfortable pool water from the r-10 rated insulated panels.
  • Peace of mind - Above ground pool w/ lifetime warranty
  • Built for the climate, aluminum corrosive resistant wall material ​
  • Versatility of installation - above ground, semi in-ground, or completely built in. 
  • Sloped yard? Build the optimum right into the side of the hill.

Basic Pool Package

Standard package includes regular above ground equipment:

  • 19" sand filter w/ 1 hp pump
  • Integrity A-frame ladder
  • Automatic robotic pool cleaner
  • Pool maintenance equipment
  • Standard above ground installation
semi inground pool newburyport MA

A 16' rnd semi inground optimum pool installed in Newburyport MA

Optimum Pool Design Is Only limited by Your Imagination!

See how you can install a beautiful paver patio around an optimum pool in the video below:

True Round Minimalist Pool Design

foam core wall construction

Available Optimum Pool Sizes:

The 24' and 27' pools will be stocked locally, all other sizes will be special order but readily available.



16' rnd

16'x24' oval

18' rnd

16'x32' oval

24 rnd*

18'x32' oval

27' rnd